Black and White Kitchen Ideas

Black and White Kitchen Ideas | The combination of two simple and basic colors can create interiors that are both dramatic and exquisite. Black and white make an incredible visual statement and do so in any style that you choose for your kitchen. Black and white kitchens are a classic pair never go ‘out of style’. These colors together are the perfect selection for those who are not fans of constantly changing the look of their kitchens. While contemporary kitchens with bold colors may be a major interior design trend, black and white kitchens manage to always stay stylish.

The balance between black and white varies with the style of your kitchen. Most homeowners feel that there must be a 50/50 split between both colors. However, this is not true and in most cases it is better to use black as the major component in order to create a more sophisticated kitchen decor.

You can stick to a monochromatic palette while still adding personality to a kitchen design. Mixed patterns are a great way to add unexpected touchs to your monochromatic kitchen.

A splash of color can transform a kitchen. For a nice splash of color, consider painting a red wall in your modern kitchen. In fact, bold strokes of red add charisma to a black and white kitchen.

Warm up a black and white kitchen by using different shades and textures. To make sure that your kitchen stands out visually add some wood details and bold shades to your kitchen décor

Decorating with black and white doesn´t mean that your kitchen should be all about dark blacks and absolute whites alone. There are plenty of details that can be mixed with this color scheme. Yellow and grey shades can be mixed with black and white to a sophisticated kitchen décor.

Feel free to take some creative liberty here and there to create a modern kitchen décor. Red details and zebra patterns are the perfect choices for a cool black and white kitchen.

Original Source: Bocadolobo