Metallic Interiors

In the hottest trends of Interior Design, you can see metallic accents in wallpapers, fabrics, furniture and decorative details that are big for gold and brass. Metallic fabric, molten finishes, and shiny treatments, shimmery interiors are all the rage this season.

This season is the greatest for carrying out metallic creativeness through your interiors. Everywhere you look metals are a hot tendency. Metal Madness has been sneaking up on us for countless years – at first in slight amounts, finally growing and taking a firm hold of complete interiors, as seen in this curated selection. These days, designers are taking things to an entirely new level by embracing Metals in new ways. Walls, stairs, ceilings, joinery, even textiles – nothing is spared in the new age Metallic Interior.

Today’s interior designers are operating shining metal wallpapers to improve temperateness and gloss to a room and metal worked into flooring, whether it’s tiles or carpet, for lushness and light. Metal can appear everywhere, from shelves to joinery to furniture, where it appears in graceful sculptural forms.


Original Source:Bocadolobo