Portable Self-Sufficient Homes

This fully autonomous house of the future is powered by solar energy, is 3D printed and has a modular design. From Ukrainian startup PassivDom, the smart home is described as an “off-grid 3D-printed gadget house” and is suitable even for arctic climates.

The smartphone-controlled autonomous house is also on wheels, making travelling in comfort easier than ever. It is 100% energy self-sufficient and comfortable, with no need for gas or electricity with a self-learning temperature and humidity control system. PassivDom is also equipped like a hotel room, meaning it comes furnished with everything from bed linen to wine glasses, and can be moved into in just one day.

This provides an alternative to would-be homeowners who want a private residence and secluded cottage, as it can be installed on a piece of land without any construction.

Original Source: Trend Hunter