The Reopening of The Vienna World Museum

The Reopening of Weltmuseum Wien on 25 October 2017 – Vienna, Austria

The Weltmuseum Wien is reopening on 25 October 2017 following its three year closure with an open-air show by André Heller. Formerly known as the Museum of Ethnology Vienna, it will now be home to the most diverse global collections in the world showcasing cultural treasures from all five continents in an exciting permanent exhibition with 14 galleries as well as several temporary exhibitions.

The World Museum will comprise more than 200,000 ethnographic objects, 25,000 photographs, 136,000 printed works and over 300 kilometers of film on the history, culture and art.

On its opening day, it will be free of charge to visitors until 1am and additionally on 26 October, Austrian National Day, from 1pm-9pm. General admission is €12,  For more information on visiting and exploring Vienna visit